January 28, 2016
by SYLR Administrator

Welcome to Shine Your Light Radio

Welcome to Shine Your Light Radio! I’m Steve Sanchez. I’m the pastor of Community Church of the Hills in Johnson City, Texas. Before that, I was an associate pastor at a large church in Southern California. You can read my bio here.

You will find some very basic important life topics taught in a fun, accessible way. Each program is only 1/2 hour long and is 1/2 teaching and 1/2 music, so you won’t get bored a whole lot.

Enjoy listening!!

April 15, 2016
by Steve Sanchez

Pastor Steve’s Testimony: A Wretch Like Me

My story is a crazy one. I was a meth addict who sold stereos out of the back of my car in the desert. I was robbed at shotgun point by dealers. I had my face smashed against a steering wheel…and I ultimately challenged the devil to show himself in a field at midnight. I guarantee you that you will not be bored when you listen.

Testimony-Service300x225Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

September 23, 2015
by Steve Sanchez
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Why Even Bother Going to Church?

This three part series tells what church really is, the reasons why most people don’t go and why the church should be the most loving family of all. Each part of this three part series is half an hour long and is half music, featuring a great band called “The Strangers.”


Part 1: The Church is the People

Part 2: The Best Excuse (for not attending)

Part 3: A Most Loving Family?

Image credit: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

August 6, 2015
by Steve Sanchez

The Normal Christian Life

Many people think that once they become a Christian all their problems will be over. Others think that if they have enough faith they will be healthy, wealthy and wise. But what does Scripture say?

This two part series will help you to understand what Jesus meant when he said, “Follow me.”

If you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, if you are a “born again” Christian, this is a foundational teaching that will help you to know what to expect as you live a normal Christian life.


Click here to listen to PART ONE

Click here to listen to PART TWO

June 11, 2015
by Steve Sanchez

8 Reasons Why Christians Don’t Share Their Faith

In this 4 part series, you will learn that every reason for not sharing your faith is valid. What did I just say? Yep. Valid. Still, Christians are called to do it. You will learn how to share your faith by asking one question and one question only. And, how to have a simple 5 minute conversation that will unlock the heart of the most hardened sinner.


Each part of the series features Gospel-centered Cajun/Zydeco music from Grammy-nominated Lisa Haley and the Zydecats.

Part 1: The First 2 Excuses Reasons

Part 2: How to Share Your Faith with One Question (Seriously. One question only.)

Part 3: Like a Four Ton Elephant?

Part 4: A Simple 5 Minute Conversation (that can change the hearts of professors, Muslims and gay people)

 Image from SBC Voices